April 2011 - Vol 62, No 2

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C. Gross - undefinedThe Democratisation of Translation 

Articles in this issue:

  • S. Crisp and B. Harmelink - Guest Editorial: Computers as Translators - Translation or Treason?
  • C. Gross - The Democratisation of Translation
  • B. Waters - A Rationale for Adaptation
  • J.-C. Loba-Mkole - Let's Translate the Scripture from the Best Sources
  • C. Grassick and H. Wiens - Paratext: User-Driven Development
  • J. Riding and G. van Steenbergen - Glossing Technology in Paratext 7
  • B. Waters - Adapt It
  • R. Bugenhagen - Adapt It: Some Lessons Learned in the Saveeng Language Program
  • K. Franklin - Adapting the West Kewa New Testament to East Kewa
  • J. Nystrom - Eleven-Part Harmony: Blending Teamwork, Technology, and Creativity in a Multilanguage Translation Project

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