October 2007 - Vol 58, No 4

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C. Gross - undefinedWill the Real "House of Israel" Please Stand Up!

Articles in this issue:

  • C. Gross - Will the Real "House of Israel" Please Stand Up!
  • S. Sipilä - An Orthodox Liturgical Version Versus An Interconfessional Version of Psalms: A Case Study
  • D. C. Arichea, Jr. - Translating Hymnic Materials: Theology and Translation in 1 Timothy 3.16
  • D. J. Clark - Translating Psalm 119: Some Practical Suggestions
  • P. Noss - Whom Do Translators Address? Implicit or Explicit Instruction in Parallel References
  • L. Van Klinken-Rijneveld - On the Purpose of Section Headings: A Functional Approach


  • Beware of Multiple Gods--A Note on Acts 3.13, by M. Wade
  • A Note on Double Names in Kings and Chronicles, by S. Pattemore


  • Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary, by T. Bulkeley. 
    • Reviewed by S. Pattemore

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