April 2007 - Vol 58, No 2

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M. Winedt - undefinedFather-Mother or Mother-Father?

Articles in this issue:

  • M. Winedt - Father-Mother or Mother-Father?
  • C. B. Chhetri - Translating the Hebrew Oath Formula
  • S. W. Pattemore - Ecology and the End of the World in Translation
  • E. A. Hermanson - Preparing Successful Selections
  • J. P. Sterk - “All-Inclusive” Parallelism


  • Languages, Translations, and Translators


  • "Africa in Jerusalem?" by E. Wendland


  • Novo Testamento Interlinear Grego-Português, edited by V. Scholz. 
    • Reviewed by W. Paroschi

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