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The Bible Translator is a refereed journal dedicated to articles about the theory and practice of Bible translation. From 1972–2012 it appeared in two series - Technical Papers in January and July, and Practical Papers in April and October. Beginning with the April 2013 issue, TBT now appears three times a year, and contains both practical and technical papers. Editorial Staff: Dr. Stephen W. Pattemore (Editor), Dr. Marijke H. de Lang (Reviews Editor), Sarah Lind (Managing Editor)


Submitting manuscripts

TBT style guide


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Submitting Manuscripts for Publication in the Journal

Manuscripts may be submitted at the Journal's website: undefinedThe Bible Translator at SAGE. Please apply the Journal's style guide (below) to any manuscripts submitted.


Reviews of new publications in biblical studies and translation and related areas may be sent to:

Reviews Editor
Dr Marijke H. de Lang
E-mail: undefinedmhdelang(at)

TBT Style Guide for Contributors

Articles should be submitted in electronic format to the editor, be limited to 6,000 words in the case of Technical Papers and to 4,000 words in the case of Practical Papers. Articles should conform to The SBL Handbook of Style (Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 1999). An abbreviated style guide specifically for The Bible Translator can be downloaded from the links below. Footnotes are acceptable in Technical Papers, but should be avoided in Practical Papers. Authors have sole responsibility to ensure that all quotations and facts are accurate.

undefinedABBREVIATED STYLE GUIDE PDF 200K - updated July 2015

undefinedABBREVIATED STYLE GUIDE DOC 300K - updated July 2015

The United Bible Societies is not responsible for views expressed by contributors. Permission to reproduce articles, either in full or in part, must be obtained from the editor.

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