April 2010 - Vol 61, No 2

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N. Mundhenk - undefinedJesus Is Lord: The Tetragrammaton in Bible Translation

Articles in this issue:

  • N. Mundhenk - Jesus Is Lord: The Tetragrammaton in Bible Translation
  • A. del Corro - Language Endangerment: The Case of the Pangasinan Bible
  • I. Diab - Challenges Facing Bible Translation in the Islamic Context of the Middle East
  • L. Taylor - Changing with the Times: Telling the Wonders of God in Their Own Tongues
  • J. de Jong - A “Sin Offering” Crouching at the Door? Translation Lessons from an Exegetical Fossil in the Judson Bible
  • R. McKerras - Are Our Translations Convincing?

Review of:

  • Del Corro, A. H., E. B. Ebojo, and R. U. Yu, eds. A Man Called Daniel: A Festschrift in Honor of Bishop Daniel C. Arichea, Jr. on the Occasion of His 50 Years in Christian Ministry. Manila: Philippine Bible Society, 2008. 262 pages. Price unknown. ISBN 978-971-29-0935-1.
    • Reviewed by M. Winedt

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