October 2008 - Vol 59, No 4

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N. Mundhenk - undefinedAdoption: Being Recognized as a Son

Articles in this issue:

  • N. Mundhenk - Adoption: Being Recognized as a Son
  • N. Daams - The Name of God in the Kapingamarangi Language
  • C. Gross - Where Was Job Sitting?
  • J. Hoover - The Parable of the Lamp
  • P. Ellingworth - Cities, Towns, and Villages in the NT
  • D. Slager - Where Is the Wealthy Lady of Shunem in 2 Kings 4.11-17?
  • Moo Yong J. - The Role of Stylists in Korean Bible Translation
  • P. A. Noss - Review Article: Hill, Harriet. The Bible at Cultural Crossroads: From Translation to Communication. Manchester, U.K., and Kinderhook, N.Y.: St. Jerome Publishing, 2006.

Review of:

  • Loba-Mkole, Jean-Claude. Triple Heritage: Gospels in Intercultural
    Kinshasa: CERIL (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires de
    Limete)/Pretoria: Sapientia Publishers, 2005.
    • Reviewed by P. Noss

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