April 2006 - Vol 57, No 2

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E. Wendland - undefinedTranslator Training in Africa: An Overview

Articles in this issue:

Translator Training in Africa
  • E. R. Wendland - 1. An Overview
  • M. I. Muthwii  - 2. Anglophone Africa
  • L. Zogbo - 3. Francophone Africa
  • G. L. Yorke - 4. Lusophone Africa 

  • P. Unseth - Receptor Language Proverb Forms in Translation (Part 1: Analysis)
  • A. S. Desnitsky - Prose and Poetry in the Bible
  • N. Mundhenk - Heaven and Earth
  • F. R. Freemon - An Alternative Translation for the Rule Against Boiling a Kid in its Mother's Milk

Reviews of:

  • The Holy Bible: English Standard Version (Crossway Bibles, 2001)
    • Reviewed by R. Omanson
  • Let the Words Be Written: The Lasting Influence of Eugene A. Nida, by Philip C. Stine (SBL, 2004)
    • Reviewed by R. D. Shaw


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