October 2011 - Vol 62, No 4

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Yu S. Y. - undefinedThe Story of the Big Flowery Miao Bible 

Articles in this issue:

  • Yu S. Y. - The Story of the Big Flowery Miao Bible
  • J.-Y. Cho - A Feminist Approach to Bible Translation: Translating John 4.7b-26 into Korean Addressee Honorifics
  • N. Daams - Translating YHWH ’Elohim
  • A. Sema - “God” in the Pochury Naga Bible
  • A. Warren-Rothlin - Source Texts, Source Languages, Technology, and Values


  • One for Everybody, by R. Omanson


  • Rev. Prof. Carlo Buzzetti, S.D.B.

  • Rev. Euan Mcgregor Fry



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