Translation Principles and Skills

150 Years of Bible Translation in Kenya--1884-1994

An Overview and Reappraisal


Aloo Osotsi Mojola.

Prepared for the Bible Society of Kenya in memory and honour of Bible translators in the languages and dialects of Kenya.

1995. 21 cm. v, 74 p.


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Audio-Based Translation: Communicating Biblical Scriptures to Non-Literate People

J. Sundersingh.

This book provides a comprehensive survey of all the elements that pertain to translating and communicating the Scriptures through audio means.

2001. 23 x 15 cm. 239 p.
undefinedSAIACS Press    8190084992

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Bible Atlas

John Strange, Erroll Rhodes, editors.

A revision of the time-tested standard reference work based on the German Bible Society’s well-recognized multi-colored geographical maps.

1999. 23.2 x 25.4 cm. 64 p.
ABS 107300    9781585160013 (1585160016)

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The Bible in the Twenty-First Century

H. C. Kee, editor.

Seventeen respected scholars present varying perspectives on the impact that new manuscript and archaeological discoveries, new methodologies for study of the Bible, and new media forms of communication will have on the Bible as we move into the twenty-first century.

1993. 21.5 x 14 cm. 246 p.
ABS 104927    0826700322

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Bible Translation: Frames of Reference

T. Wilt, editor.

This book offers a broad-based, contemporary perspective on Bible translation in terms of academic areas foundational to the endeavor: translation studies, communication theory, linguistics, cultural studies, biblical studies, and literary and rhetorical studies. It looks at the wide variety of communicative, organizational and sociocultural situations in which such translation occurs.

2003. 23.5 x 15.5 cm. 306 p.
undefinedSt. Jerome Publishing    1900650568

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Bible Translation and African Languages

Gosnell L. O. R. Yorke and Peter M.  Renju, editors.

These essays by UBS Translation Officers offer historical perspectives and discussions of  regional contexts and general challenges of Bible translation in Africa.

2004. 22 cm. iv, 221 p.
undefinedActon     9966888292; 9789966888297

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Biblical Texts and African Audiences

Ernst R.  Wendland and Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole, editors.

These essays by UBS Translation Officers discuss African biblical scholarship, the Bible in social contexts, and issues in Bible translation in Africa.

2004. 21 cm. vii, 204 p.
undefinedActon     9966888411; 9789966888419

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Canon and Modern Bible Translation in Interconfessional Perspective

Lénart J. de Regt, editor.

This collection of essays addresses selected issues of canon and deuterocanon that frequently come up in interconfessional Bible translation projects.

2006. 21.5 x 14 cm. x, 131 p.
undefinedEisenbrauns    9754620571

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Concordance de la Traduction œcuménique de la Bible

Published by Société biblique française.

This is a thorough analytical concordance with an indication of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words underlying the translation, and an index of these Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words.

1993. 31 x 22 cm. 1280 p.
FBS 7300    2853007308

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Creating and Crafting the Contemporary English Version

A New Approach to Bible Translation

Barclay M. Newman.

A behind-the-scenes look at the purpose and process of translating the CEV.

1996. 23 cm. v, 98 p.
ABS 105662     9781585164738

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Descubre la Biblia

Edesio Sánchez, editor.

This is a manual for Biblical studies, dealing with the principles and problems in the translation of the OT and the NT. It also looks at the canon, archeology, and geography of the Bible.

1998. 25 x 14 cm. 424 p.
ABS 107210    1576975045

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Descubre la Biblia, 2nd edition


2nd edition
Edesio Sánchez, editor.

The second edition is a significant expansion from the one volume of the first edition to three: Volume 1 offers an overview of the Bible and its impact on the life of individuals and communities. Volume 2 has articles on the formation of the Biblical text and the canon of Scriptures; the history, geography and culture of the Biblical world and the contributions of archeology, cultural anthropology, history, and sociology; and biblical interpretation and exegesis. Volume 3 covers principles and problems of translation of the Old and New Testaments; the contributions of linguistics, translation studies and anthropology; and translations and versions of the Bible in Spanish and other languages.

Vol. 1 - 2005; Vols. 2, 3 – 2006. 13,5 cm x 20.5 cm

Vol 1    ABS 107210    9781576975046
Vol 2    ABS 120239    9781598770742    
Vol 3    ABS 120240    9781598770759     

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Discover the Bible

Roger Omanson, editor.

This is an English edition of the Spanish Descubre la Biblia with additional chapters on Bible translations in English and in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

2001. 21 x 15 cm. 567 p.
CBS 701001038    1931471738

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D’une langue à une autre

Jan de Waard and Eugene A. Nida.

This French edition of From One Language to Another was translated by Janine de Waard.

2003. 24 x 16.5 cm. 228 p.
FBS 7090    2853007944

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Fidelity and Translation

Communicating the Bible in New Media

Paul A. Soukup and Robert Hodgson, editors.

This monograph concerns itself with multimedia and film among other modern media. It is based on the 1997 Merida Symposium papers, (eleven essays) plus three additional essays by noted translation experts.

1999. 6 x 9 in. 276.
ABS 106642.     9781580510394

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From One Medium to Another


Basic Issues for Communicating the Scriptures in New Media

Robert Hodgson and Paul A. Soukup, editors.

Eighteen experts from a wide variety of academic and professional fields offer a series of thought-provoking essays that help define the emerging field of translating the Bible in new media.

1997. 23 x 15.5 cm. 392.
ABS 105913     1556129688; 9780826700346

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God Speaks in Our Own Languages

Bible Translation in East Africa, 1844-1998: A General Survey

Aloo Osotsi Mojola.

This book complements the earlier booklet 150 Years of Bible Translation in Kenya, offering an overview of the enterprise from its beginnings in 1844 to the present, and including Tanzania and Uganda, in addition to Kenya.

1999. 20 cm. xvi, 200.
BSK     9789966480842

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Graphic Design and Bible Reading

This book presents exploratory studies in the typographical representation of the text of Scripture in translation. Various formats of selected Bible passages are compared and evaluated in terms of how their graphic layout enhances/impairs readability and understanding.

1993. 21 x 15 cm. vi, 138 p.
ABS 105608, BSSA 1117-2    0798211172

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A Guide to Bible Translation

Philip A. Noss and Charles S. Houser, editors.

This Guide offers an overview of theory and practice in Scripture translation from ancient times to the present—with an eye to the future. The 726 articles by 180 contributors are addressed to a global readership of Bible translators, students of culture and biblical studies, as well as interested church members and clerical leaders.

2019. 1010 p.
Published in partnership with Xulon Press.

Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-5456-5812-3. List price: $71.99.
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-5456-5811-6. List price: $61.49.
eBook: ISBN 978-1-5456-5813-0. List price: $9.99.

Available from;;

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A History of Bible Translation

Philip A. Noss, editor.

This volume offers a history of Bible translation from its origins to the present day through an interdisciplinary approach, addressing the issue from theological, linguistic, cultural, and methodological points of view. The book is the first in an American Bible Society series of monographs and reference books on the history of Bible translation.

2007. 24 cm. xix, 521 p.
ABS 120708     9788884983732

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Idiomatic Expressions of the Hebrew Bible

Their Meaning and Translation through Componential Analysis

Jean-Marc Babut.

The aim of this work is to shed light on the meaning of a selection of idiomatic expressions in the Hebrew Bible by applying the method of componential analysis, a method popularized and refined in the works of Eugene A. Nida. Translated from the French Expressions idiomatiques de l’hébreu biblique (1993 dissertation; Gabalda, 1995).

1999. 14 x 21.5 cm. xv, 368 p.
undefinedBIBAL Press; UBS    0941037509

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Language, Society, and Bible Translation

Ernst R. Wendland.

This book explores several aspects of sociolinguistic analysis which are of special relevance to the translation of Scripture, with emphasis on portions of direct discourse.

1985. 21 x 15 cm. v, 261 p.
ABS 102723, BSSA 0659-4    0798206594

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Let the Words Be Written

The Lasting Influence of Eugene A. Nida

Philip C. Stine.

This book assesses the ongoing influence of Eugene Nida, whose dynamic-equivalence approach to translation helped to shape the Good News Bible, the Contemporary English Version, the New International Version, and the New Jerusalem Bible.

2004. 23 cm. xii, 199 p.
undefinedSBL     1589831373; 9781589831377

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Lexicography and Translation

J. P. Louw, editor.

This book includes articles written by J. P. Louw, E. Wendland, E. A. Nida, W. C. Van Wyk, J. Lubbe, and W. S. Vorster. It includes many discussions on lexicography with special reference to Bible translations.

1985. 21 x 15 cm. v, 205 p.
BSSA 0675-6    0798206756

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Signs, Sense, Translation

Eugene A. Nida.

This book surveys recent developments and new insights in the field of communication theory and illustrates the importance of semantics for translating the Greek NT text.

1984. 21 x 15 cm. v, 143 p.
ABS 102722, BSSA 0618-7    0798206187

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Similarity and Difference in Translation


Proceedings of the International Conference on Similarity and Translation: Bible House, New York City, May 31-June 1, 2001

Stefano  Arduini and Robert Hodgson, editors.

These essays study the grand paradox of similarity and difference from four different methodological standpoints: rhetoric, epistemology, semiotics, and culture.

2004. 24 cm. 485 p.
ABS 113222     8880492942; 9788880492948

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Similarity and Difference in Translation, 2nd edition

Proceedings of the International Conference on Similarity and Translation: Bible House, New York City, May 31-June 1, 2001

2nd edition.
Stefano Arduini and Robert Hodgson, editors.

Revised version of the above.

2007. 24 cm. 485 p.
ABS 120709     9788884983749; 8884983746

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Style and Discourse

E. A. Nida, J. P. Louw, A. H. Snyman, and J. v. W. Cronje.

This book describes the elements of Greek style and discourse and their significance to the translation of the Greek NT.

1983. 21 x 15 cm. vi, 199 p.
ABS 102718, BSSA 0603-9    0798206039

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Text, Theology, and Translation

Essays in Honour of Jan de Waard

Simon Crisp and Manuel Jinbachian, editors.

This festschrift in honor of Jan de Waard contains essays by Bible Society colleagues and other scholars, a brief biography of de Waard, and a list of his publications.

2004. 22 cm. viii, 207 p.
undefinedEisenbrauns    1843640783; 9781843640783

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Traduire sans Trahir

Jean-Claude Margot.

Published by Editions l’Age d’Homme in Lausanne, Switzerland.

1979. 23 x 15.5 cm. 392 p.
FBS 9010    2825100161

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Translation Criticism -- The Potentials & Limitations

Categories and Criteria for Translation Quality Assessment

Katharina Reiss.

This English translation of the classic (1971) German college text Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Übersetzungskritik is an excellent tool for training translators, interpreters and evaluators of translations. It provides objective criteria for evaluating all varieties of translation, based on a typology of texts and the points of reference by which any particular translation should be judged. The scope of translation criticism is defined and its limitations are examined.

2000. 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 in. 148 p.
ABS 109872     1900650266; 9781585161249

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The Translator’s New Testament

W. J. Bradnock and H. K. Moulton.

Originally intended for translators, this New Testament is designed to be a bridge between the original texts and the languages and cultures of the modern world. It is ideal for theological students who are not studying Greek, but need to get as close to the original as possible.

1973; 2nd edition, 1977. 21 x 12.5 cm. 594 p.
BFBS 049913    0564049913

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The Translators to the Reader

The Original Preface of the King James Version of 1611 Revisited

Erroll F. Rhodes and Liana Lupas, editors.

The original preface to the King James Version, 1611 is transcribed and annotated for the modern reader. A complete facsimile of the original document is followed by a modern print transcription with extensive footnotes. A modern version of the document is also included.

1997. 28 cm. 85 p.
ABS 106022     9781585164257

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