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The Bible Translator is a refereed journal dedicated to articles about the theory and practice of Bible translation. It appears in three times a year, in January, August, and December.






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Editorial Correspondence and Manuscripts

Correspondence should be sent to the editors (please do not send orders to these addresses):

Dr Stephen W. Pattemore
1 Bluebird Crescent
Albany, Auckland 0632
New Zealand
Or e-mail: undefinedStephen.Pattemore(at)


Reviews of new publications in biblical studies and translation and related areas may be sent to:

Reviews Editor
Dr Marijke H. de Lang
Jan Pesijnshof 11
2311 SM Leiden
The Netherlands
E-mail: undefinedmhdelang(at)


For contributor information, please go to TBT SAGE.

undefinedABBREVIATED STYLE GUIDE PDF 200K - updated May 2012

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The United Bible Societies is not responsible for views expressed by contributors. Permission to reproduce articles, either in full or in part, must be obtained from the editors.


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The Spanish journal Traducción de la Biblia is published electronically and is available free of charge at

Correspondence and Manuscripts

Correspondence and manuscripts should be sent to the editor:

Daniel Kerber
undefined dkerber(at)

Le Sycomore is a journal for French-speaking Bible translators in Africa, although many articles are of interest to those in other parts of the world. It is currently published twice a year.


Le Sycomore is published electronically and is available free of charge here.

Correspondence and Manuscripts

Other correspondence and manuscripts should be sent to the editor:

Dr. Andy Warren-Rothlin

e-mail: undefined awarren(at)

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