TIC Talk: Past Issues

TIC Talk issues available in MS Word and PDF formats
TIC Talk 67, 2010
Nancy Heisey - "Reading With" and Related Biblical Conversations
TIC Talk 66, 2009
Robert Bascom - Mary Douglas and Bible Translation
TIC Talk 65, 2008
Ernst Wendland - Performance Criticism
TIC Talk 64, 2007
Simon Crisp - Patristic Exegesis
TIC Talk 63 2007
Sarah Lind - Translation Universals
TIC Talk 62, 2006
Harold P. Scanlin - The Text of the Septuagint in the New Testament
TIC Talk 61, 2005
NüShu – Women's Writing in China, by Simon Wong
TIC Talk 59, 2004
Review of Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible, by Sarah Lind
TIC Talk 58, 2004
Review of Logos Bible Software, by Sarah Lind
TIC Talk 57, 2004
A Survey of Creole Language Studies, by Marlon Winedt
TIC Talk 56, 2003
Happy Birthday(s) to the King James Bible, by Sarah Lind
TIC Talk 55, 2003
Iconicity and Metaphor in Sign Languages: Recent Studies, by Sarah Lind