Syriac Texts

The Bible in Syriac

Corrected reprint

This is a reprint of the Peshitta version in Jacobite script, from the S. Lee edition of 1826. NT has vowel points. The Apocrypha has been reproduced from a handwritten transcription of the 1891 Mosul edition into Jacobite script.

1987. 21 x 16 cm. 1188 p.
ABS 104362     9780900185526

The New Testament and Psalms in Syriac

G. H. Gwilliam and W. Barnes, editors.

This is a reprint of the 1913 edition of the New Testament and of the 1904 edition of the Psalms in Jacobite script.

1985. 14 x 20 cm. 488 p.
ABS 104359     9780900185496

The New Covenant Aramaic Peshitta Text with Hebrew Translation

Edited by the Aramaic Scriptures Research Society in Israel.

The Syriac text is written in Hebrew characters, with a literal Hebrew translation on the facing pages. It has the Peshitta text, with four of the General Epistles and Revelation from the Mosul edition of 1891.

2005. 23 x 16 cm. vii, 353/353 p.

ISR 21611    9654310120
ISR 21613    9654310147

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