Hebrew Reference

Konkordanz zum Hebräischen Alten Testament

3rd corrected edition
G. Lisowsky, editor.

This is a photographic reproduction of a manuscript concordance based on the 3rd edition of Kittel’s Biblia Hebraica. The entire OT vocabulary is included, and German, English and Latin (not Vulgate) meanings are provided. There is an introduction in German, Latin, and English. The 3rd corrected edition, published by H. P. Rüger, is smaller than the previous editions and has an appendix of about 300 additions and corrections.

1990. 18.5 x 12.5 cm. 1695 p.
GBS 5230     343805230X

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Critique textuelle de l’Ancien Testament

D. Barthélemy, éditeur.

The final report of the UBS Hebrew Old Testament Text Project, with the cooperation of the other committee members: A. R. Hulst, N. Lohfink, W. D. McHardy, H. P. Rüger and J. A. Sanders.
undefinedÉditions Universitaires Fribourg/Suisse; undefinedVandenhoeck & Ruprecht Göttingen.

23.5 x 16 cm.

Volume 1: Joshué, Juges, Ruth, Samuel I/II, Rois I/II, Chroniques I/II, Esdras, Néhémie, Esther
Hardcover. 1982. xxviii, 780 p.
Volume 2: Isaie, Jérémie, Lamentations
Hardcover. 1986. xviii, 1084 p.
Volume 3: Ezekiel, Daniel, les 12 prophètes
Hardcover. 1992. ccxlii, 1150 p.
Volume 4: Psaumes
Hardcover. 2005. xlvii, 931 p.

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Textual Criticism and the Translator Series

Volumes in this series on the Hebrew Bible aim to give translators insight into the viewpoint of the textual critic to help them find a good base for translation. Though of primary interest for translators, students and scholars will also find that the volumes are useful summaries of the arguments and ratings of the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project. Because the final report of the HOTTP was published in French and was the work of textual critics rather than translation specialists, its valuable contribution was found to have practical limitations. This series attempts to remedy that situation.

Volume 1: A Handbook on Isaiah, by Jan de Waard.
Hardcover. 1997. xviii, 228 p.
Eisenbrauns        9781575060231
Volume 2: A Handbook on Jeremiah, by Jan de Waard.
Hardcover. 2003. xxii, 226 p.
Eisenbrauns        9781575060576

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Preliminary and Interim Report on the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project

Edited by a UBS committee, including D. Barthélemy, A. R. Hulst, N. Lohfink, W. D. McHardy, H. P. Rüger and J. A. Sanders, with A. Schenker and J. A. Thompson as secretaries to the committee).

As distinct from the critical apparatus in Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the work of the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project deals only with those textual variants that involve significant differences in meaning for translators. For each textual decision an indication of the relative degree of certainty is given.

24 x 17 cm.

Volume 1: Pentateuch
Paperback. 1979. xxxii, 317 p.
ABS 102683    082670008X
Volume 2: Historical Books
Paperback. 1979. xxxiv, 556 p.
ABS 102684    0826700098
Volume 3: Poetical Books
Paperback. 1979. xxxiii, 355 p.
ABS 102685    082670011X
Volume 4: Prophetical Books I
Paperback. 1979. xxxiii, 620 p.
ABS 102686    0826700101
Volume 5: Prophetical Books II
Paperback. 1980. xxxiii, 443 p.
ABS 102702    0826700128

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Die Masora der Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia

Einführung und kommentiertes Glossar

P.H. Kelley, D.S. Mynatt, and T.G. Crawford; Translated from the English by M. Rösel

The first and only textbook on the Masora of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia to appear in German. With its extensively annotated Glossary, it is equally useful as an introduction and as a reference work. Published by the German Bible Society (English edition published by undefinedEisenbrauns).

2003. 15.4 x 22 cm. 272 p.
GBS 6009     9783438060099

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Der Text des Alten Testaments

5th revised edition
E. Würthwein.

This is an introduction in German to Kittel’s Biblia Hebraica. The 5th edition is revised to include recent textual studies and the new Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.

1988. 23 x 15.3 cm. 263 p.
GBS 6003     3438060035

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Dictionnaire d’hébreu et d’araméen bibliques

Philippe Reymond.

This dictionary is useful to beginners, enhanced by a great many biblical references. It is a diglot edition in French and Hebrew.

1991; revised edition, 1998. 27 x 22 cm. 450p.
FBS 7013     2853007138

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