July 2007 - Vol 58, No 3

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D. E. S. Stein - undefinedGod's Name in a Gender-Sensitive Jewish Translation

Articles in this issue:

  • D. E. S. Stein - God’s Name in a Gender-Sensitive Jewish Translation
  • P. Ellingworth  - Who are “They” in the Synoptic Gospels?
  • D. J. Clark  - A Discourse Marker in John
  • G. J. van Steenbergen - Worldview Analysis as an Exegetical Tool (Part 2)
  • C.-W. Jung - Translation of Double Negatives in 1 Cor 12.15-16

Reviews of:

  • Tradition Kept: The Literature of the Samaritans, by Robert T. Anderson and Terry Giles. Hendrickson, 2005.
    • Reviewed by J. Elwolde
  • Translation and Interpretation in the Targum to the Books of Kings, by Carol A. Dray. Brill, 2006.
    • Reviewed by Tz. Novick
  • Sowing the Word: The Cultural Impact of the British and Foreign Bible Society 1804-2004, by Stephen Batalden, Kathleen Cann, and John Dean, eds. Phoenix Press, 2004.
    • Reviewed by P. Noss

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