January 2012 - Vol 63, No 1

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K.-W. Peng - undefinedContemplating the Future of Chinese Bible Translation

Articles in this issue:

  • K.-W. Peng - Contemplating the Future of Chinese Bible Translation: A Functionalist Approach
  • V. Voinov - Troublesome Transliterations
  • J. Ferreira - A Note on Jonah 2.8: Idolatry and Inhumanity in Israel
  • H. W. Shin - The Historic Present as a Discourse Marker and Textual Criticism in Mark
  • B. W. Powers - "Against Her" or "With Her" in Mark 10.11?

Review of:

  • Common English Bible. New Testament: A Fresh Translation to Touch the Heart and Mind. Nashville: Christian Resources Development Corporation, 2010. x + 444 pages. ISBN: 978-1-60926-006-4.
    • Reviewed by R. Bullard

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