January 2010 - Vol 61, No 1

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G. S. Ogden - undefinedIsaiah 24: A Case of Form over Content?

Articles in this issue:

  • G. S. Ogden - Isaiah 24: A Case of Form over Content?
  • K.-W. Peng - The Structure of 1 Timothy Reconsidered
  • K. van der Jagt - Changing Worldviews in Post-exilic Israel
  • L. de Vries - Direct Speech, Fictive Interaction, and Bible Translation
  • P. Blumczyński - Recent Polish Translations of the New Testament: Trends and Tendencies

Review of:

  • Wendland, Ernst. Contextual Frames of Reference in Translation. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing, 2008. 344 pages. Paperback. £22.50. ISBN: 978-1-905763-02-3.
    • Reviewed by R. Bascom

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