January 2007 - Vol 58, No 1

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C. Åsberg - undefinedThe Translator and the Untranslatable

Articles in this issue:

  • C. Åsberg - The Translator and the Untranslatable
  • P. Ellingworth  - “Thou” and “You” in the Sermon on the Mount
  • P. Blumczynski  - The Gospel in Slang in the Polish Context
  • G. J. van Steenbergen - Worldview Analysis as an Exegetical Tool (Part 1)
  • D. J. Clark - Discourse Structure in Ephesians

Review of:

  • The Study of the New Testament: A Comprehensive Introduction, by A. Piñero and J. Peláez. Tr. by D. E. Orton and P. Ellingworth.
    • Reviewed by S. Wong

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